Thai Massage Jam


Come and join us for the first biweekly get together of San Antonio’s chapter of Thai Massage Jam at Roots Fitness, 2334 Jackson Keller Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230. Thai Massage Jam has been held every week in Austin, Texas by Robert Gardner II of Robert Gardner Wellness for the past 7 years, and exists as a way to educate the community of bodyworkers, yogis, athletes, fitness instructors, and anyone with an interest in working on themselves and others to alleviate pain how to do so safely and effectively. Our signature style of bodywork blends traditional Thai techniques with modern biomechanics, pain science, yoga, and more in a fun and laid back setting.

Bring a Thai massage mat or roll up futon if you have one available, or if not sharing is caring and we’ll work it out! Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement and come prepared to learn, give, and receive bodywork.

No massage license required to attend. $20 entry fee per person, payable in advance here, or at the door when you arrive.

For more info check out Thai Massage Jam Official Site.