Movement Therapy

Pilates was developed during WWI as a system of rehabilitation for injured soldiers. It focuses on functional movement, precision, and balance to correct postural deviations and faulty movement patterns that lead to injury and chronic pain. It is a wonderful adjunct to bodywork to help in addressing the underlying issues that create pain and dysfunction, and to develop new healthy movement patterns in order to prevent further injury, damage, and pain over time.

As a 200 hour classical certified Pilates instructor in pursuit of a 500 hour contemporary certification, I am able to integrate Pilates based movements with stretching, yoga postures, breath-work, self-myofascial release, facilitated stretching, neuromuscular technique, and more into a guided movement therapy session that works as a stand alone treatment or as a synergistic treatment alongside massage therapy.

I highly recommend combining both massage and movement therapies for maximum results during the treatment phase of addressing musculoskeletal pain and injury, and  then carrying the habits you learn with you into the maintenance phase for lifelong vitality and increased well-being.

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30 minute Stand Alone Movement Therapy Session

  • $40

60 minute Stand Alone Movement Therapy Session

  • $75

Comprehensive Massage + Movement Therapy Session

Includes 30-60 minutes of guided movement with the remainder of the time as a mat based Thai style massage. Please select the full session time desired when booking.

  • 1 hour massage (90 minutes total): $110
  • 90 minute massage (2 hours total): $135
  • 2 hour massage (2.5 hours total): $160
  • 2 hour massage (3 hours total): $190

Group Fitness Classes

I teach at least 1 fitness class a week at the YMCA and 1 at Mind Body Yoga Studio in Leon Springs. I also teach 10+ sessions a week and am available for private/semi-private lessons on the Pilates studio equipment at Club Pilates Stone Oak. 

Club Pilates Stone Oak- info, schedule, and booking

Class Schedule at Mind Body Yoga

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