Massage Therapy

All Prices Include Applicable Outcall Travel Fees, since at this time I am only accepting outcall appointments and do not have office space to host sessions.


Thai Massage

**Therapist’s Choice! My personal favorite**

 Thai massages are performed with the client fully clothed on a traditional floor mat imported from Thailand. Minimal lotion is applied, if any at all; deep compressions, soothing jostling motions, and rejuvenating stretches are applied to find and release tension from the client’s body. Minimum 2 hours is recommended, but shorter sessions are available for more targeted work. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing, as if you were going to a yoga class. (psst…you kind of are!

  • 90 minutes, $120
  • 120 minutes, $145
  • 180 minutes, $199

Table Massage

Western variations of massage performed on a regular massage table with lotion, appropriate draping, and intentionally chosen enhancements to increase the therapeutic value of each treatment.


Add-On CBD Therapy Products

Experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD infused massage oil & muscle gel during any table massage session. Products contain zero THC, yet powerful non-psychoactive cannabinoid compounds attach to the endocannabinoid receptors of the nervous system to decrease pain, anxiety, and more.

  • $10


Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic deep tissue style massage using moderate to deep pressure to release areas of built up muscular tension, alleviating acute or chronic pain patterns. Cupping therapy & analgesic muscle gel may be applied during your session as deemed appropriate to enhance results.

  • 90 minutes, $130
  • 120 minutes, $155

Sports Massage

Tailored to the needs of athletes and regular gym-goers. May include stretching, cupping, and/or contrast therapy as deemed appropriate.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing to allow for stretching.

  • 90 minutes, $130
  • 120 minutes, $155

Medical Massage

Therapeutic style massage tailored to the needs of the client with special medical conditions or concerns. Positioning, pressure, and add-ons will be customized according to the unique needs and contraindications of each particular client.

Please make note during booking of diagnosis, medications, and doctor’s recommendations or restrictions as they pertain to massage & bodywork.

  • 90 minutes, $130
  • 120 minutes, $155

On-Site Chair Massage

I can come to your home or business location with my massage chair and a smaller sized Thai mat. There are several options for reaching my hourly fee-

  • The business owner or group host may pay in full to allow the massage service to be free for their guests.
  • The business owner or group host may pay a set fee per hour, and the guests may opt in to massage services at a per minute rate.

Minimum 3 hours per event. Please contact me directly for rates and booking.