Massage therapy drawing from myofascial barefoot techniques and guided movement practice for treating chronic pain, sports injury, & more.

Thank you for visiting Return to Life Massage & Movement Therapies by Candace Blanchette, LMT. This project is the culmination of years of studying the body, how it moves, and how nurturing the body-mind connection can enhance our lives and sense of well-being in so many ways. I truly feel a sense of fulfillment at being able to help others find relief from persistent pain and get back to living the life they love!


My style of bodywork is heavily influenced by traditional Asian medicine, honed and blended with Western sports therapies such as neuromuscular technique, myofascial release, corrective exercise, and self-care strategies to really address the whole person, finding the root of musculoskeletal pain, and using synergistic treatments to correct, reintegrate, and energize the body.

Upper Back, Pec, & Shoulder Stretches