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$99 Introductory 90-minute Barefoot Thai Massage for New Clients

Thank you for visiting Return to Life Massage & Movement Therapies by Candace Blanchette, LMT. This project is the culmination of years of studying the body, how it moves, and how nurturing the body-mind connection can enhance our lives and sense of well-being in so many ways. I truly feel a sense of fulfillment at being able to help others find relief from persistent pain and get back to living the life they love!


My style of bodywork is heavily influenced by traditional Asian medicine, honed and blended with Western sports therapies such as neuromuscular technique, myofascial release, corrective exercise, and self-care strategies to really address the whole person, finding the root of musculoskeletal pain, and using synergistic treatments to correct, reintegrate, and energize the body.

What to Expect

embrace your body

Your first bodywork session with me may be different than any other spa massage you have received in the past, so it may be helpful to know what to expect! I do also offer Swedish style massage on a table, but for everyone who is physically capable of receiving Thai style massage on the mat, and is looking for therapeutic work vs pure relaxation, I highly recommend trying out a Thai massage session!

You will arrive wearing comfortable clothing, such as pajamas or gym clothes, because you will remain clothed throughout your session. You won’t leave feeling oily or greasy because we won’t use any cream at all, unless you receive an add on service such as cupping or lymphatic dry brushing.

You lie down on a traditional Thai floor mat, generously bolstered with plush pillows, and are immediately surprised at how comfortable you feel as your body begins to melt into the cushion. Any apprehension you feel about getting back up off the floor is eased by the availability of a sturdy walker to assist you in pulling yourself back upright once all the tension has been released from your aching muscles.

Beginning with the achiest areas of your body, I mobilize your limbs to find any restrictions and gently coax the tissues to release using therapeutic stretches, jostling, rocking, and deep targeted compressions. Depending on the depth of pressure desired, I may use my hands, forearms, knees, and even feet to apply just the right amount of pressure to create the desired tissue release. Circulation improves, pain subsides, and range of motion is restored. If a casual observer were to see our work, they might imagine we were doing partnered yoga.

After your session, you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, but not sedated or sleepy. We discuss your treatment goals going forward, corrective exercises, and home care strategies to extend the longevity of the relief you are feeling until your next session.

You feel as if you are floating through the rest of your day, pain free, with the echo of lavender essential oil still faintly in the air, already looking forward to your next session.

Upper Back, Pec, & Shoulder Stretches